Six reasons why this will change your cooking forever!

Discover why the Premiala Flavor Injector will be the first and last unit you ever need!

  • Stainless Steel Materials

    Stainless Steel Materials

    The only unit crafted with all food-facing components crafted from food-grade stainless steel, so the only added flavor is what you inject!

  • Large Capacity

    Large Capacity

    Large 2oz (60mL) capacity means less filling and more injecting!

  • Super Strong Construction

    Super Strong Construction

    Robust materials throughout means this is one injector made to last!

  • 3 versatile needles

    3 versatile needles

    2x 6" (15cm) long needles give you the flexibility to inject liquid marinade or solid ingredients deep into large cuts of meat, plus 1x 3" (8cm) long fine marinade needle for injecting liquids into steaks and kebabs!

  • 4x silicon o-rings

    4x silicon o-rings

    Includes 4x spare silicon O-rings, so when the originals wear out you don't have to buy a whole new unit!

  • Recipe e-book included!

    Recipe e-book included!

    Don't forget to download your free eBook - explains how to use the injector and a swag of recipes to get you started!

What our customers are saying

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I made my first fried turkey and it came out excellent thanks to this injector a lot of flavor.
This injector is GREAT! It provides the right amount of spice to my fried turkey, roast, and chicken. I look forward to trying it on non-meat dishes as well. Give it a won't regret it!
ND Amazon Customer
Very nice product. Looks very well put together. Very high quality plus it comes with spare O rings which is a huge plus. Will definitely do business again in the future.
I just used this for the first time night before last, and it was amazing! I had dipped my toes into the water with those Cajun Injector thing, but this was hard core! If it lasts as long as it looks it will, it will exponentially increase the amount of evil experimentation I can do on meat. So far, very happy!
Works so well for our pig roast
Great tool easy to clean

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