How to stop marinade spurting out

We had the following customer enquiry this week: Hi I’ve just used my flavor injector for the first time. When I injected with the larger garlic needle the butter squirted back out. Can you advise what I may have done wrong Regards Jacki Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Jacki’s not alone with this and it’s a common problem […]

lost in translation

Lost in translation: Hijacked by Google Translate

As a business of English speakers trading in Europe, we frequently need to communicate with non-English speaking customers. While we use professional translation services for form emails and e-books, we rely on Google Translate to understand the basic intent of emails and reviews written in other languages. The translation isn’t perfect but it’s good enough […]

leaking marinade

How to stop marinade leaking out of the meat

We had the following email from a customer in Germany today: Despite using the smallest needle, too much liquid runs out of the meat again. Do you have any ideas? It’s a common problem, so here are our suggestions: Make sure you are injecting downwards from the top of the meat, not from the side […]

Another gas bottle explosion, apartment destroyed

Further to our post last month, another story has emerged of an apartment completely destroyed by a gas bottle explosion: This is not just an Australian problem. Before igniting your burners: Make sure the bottle is in test and free of rust Check the o-rings on your fittings and test for leaks with water […]


Better Grills review of Premiala’s Meat Injector

The team over at Better Grills just posted a great write-up on Premiala’s meat injector. In fact they have a page of various 1-2 paragraph meat injector reviews, but liked ours so much they made this full separate-page write-up so they could explain exactly why they liked it so much. Check it out!

Ongoing positive reviews for Premiala Meat Injector – first one to crack 100 reviews in Canada!

Premiala Announces 100 Reviews and ongoing satisfaction with its Meat Injector We’re thrilled by the ongoing positive response to our meat injector, but today we’re really excited to have passed 100 reviews in Canada, all of them positive! At this time our nearest competitor has less than 40 reviews. Thanks all for choosing Premiala and […]

Hazard Alert: Check your BBQ gas bottle fittings!

If you’re a user of the Premiala ArmorGlove or Grill Brush you’ll have received our Grill Safety and Care e-book. One thing this covers is BBQ maintenance and safety, and we saw an article today which we had to pass on. This appeared in the news media in Australia, where we’re heading into our BBQ […]

Injectors are back in the US!

Sorry for those who’ve been trying to order our injectors in the USA – we had some major supply issues but we’re back in business now! You can order at     Save Save


BBQ Beat gives Premiala the thumbs-up

BBQ Beat is a well-known resource to those in the BBQ world, with its lead writer Kevin Sandridge hosting a popular podcast. They recently did a review on the Premiala Meat Injector and ArmorGlove, so naturally we were keen to see what they came back with! Amidst the review are comments like “I found nothing […]